Thursday, June 01, 2006

Too soon - Monsoon

It started raining. Some pessimist call it pre-monsoon while some refer to call it monsoon shower. Nothing extra-ordinary happened yesterday, but junta in bombay just love to over-hype things. Yes it created havoc, but the rain nothing compared to the amount of rain that usually takes place in bombay. Other than the "hyping issue" the rains did bring out the unpreparedness of BMC and Mumbai administration. With what I would call a drizzle, the roads were filled with water, taxi went mad noone wanted to go to any place. Network was acting crazily for some time atleast. And the media got a story to tell. They were definitely bored by all the stock market and reservation news atleast for now. Even if anyone snezzes here, they have a news.
Considering it was just the first rain of the season, I am a bit scared as to what will happen later. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping that it won't be as bad as what had been last 26th July!! So to celebrate the rain I'll go out and watch X-Men - III .......
Hope that I would be regular with the blogs in coming days.

Monday, May 08, 2006

Start of the Day

Well this blog I am writing just as soon as I entered office. And since the BQ (Boringness Quotient) usually is staying at the top for me, so what's better than to put down feelings in a blog.
A lot has happened since my last blog. Nothing substantial though, just the fact that there were a few incidences worth putting on my blog. Goa trip was good. Met new people. Had fun. Drunk and Slept like a dog (I know dog doesn't drink much). Whatever!!!
And other than that life has been dull duller dullest! Nothing much happening in my life of 2 Ps. Professional sucks big time. Personal atleast gets a slight edge over the other P. And all the credit of the personal goes to the God's greatest gift to mankind: The Television. Mr Baird, the whole world owes you a lot.
Another good news for me is that I won a laptop. A second hand from office for a sum of 5200/-. And it is in Rupees. So now I have something to in my free time back at home. So anyone wants to courier me any CD plz do it ASAP.
Let me just hope and pray that this quotient goes down and my stocks do well in the market and McMahonism continue...........

Sunday, April 09, 2006

No Suitable Topic

I have been thinking about writing about this issue for a long time but finally our honorable HRD minister Arjun Singh gave me the opportunity. Yes the topic is of reservation.

To start off with numbers, OBCs account for nearly 50% India’s population. And hence this fact gives government the right logic to provide the 27% reservation in elite institutions like IIT-IIM and other central universities.
(Why not 50% for SC ST OBC, 13% religious minorities, 12% brahmans, 6% women, 10% Persons whose name start with M, remaining 9% for the proles)

Let us first look at the logic behind it. As what Mr. Arjun Singh said "Thus, advancement of socially and educationally backward classes of the citizens (OBCs) in matters of admission - including reservation of seats and any other means - is an existing constitutional scheme and by no stretch of imagination is a new announcement".

To counter the same
Personally I am a believer of equality of opportunity not of equality of distribution. And what the government is doing here is the latter. Without the basic fundamentals being clear one cannot expect a student to get through the curriculum of IITs/IIMs/Central Universities. With the steps that government is taking, it is not bringing the level of OBC students up rather plummeting the standard of these elite institutions. These institutions are considered to be the epitome of meritocracy. They are the face that Indian market is projecting to the west as sign of its prowess. Now diluting the same would be pushing oneself back 50 years. Can you imagine that tomorrow when you wake up and pick up the new paper and come across a news item saying:
BCCI has decided to reserve 49.5% player’s position for SC/ST/OBC

You can’t have merit suffer on the basis of caste and creed and that too 60 years after independence. I have known people coming to IITs from these backgrounds and facing difficulties in coping up with the curriculum. It is not right even for those seeking admission on the basis of reserved quota as it eventually leads to a feeling of being outcaste and demoralized.

As I mentioned earlier that I believe in equality of opportunities I mean that government instead of providing seats at IITs and IIMs should rather focus on providing the right education from the nursery level itself. It is not correct to put someone straight into an extremely competitive environment with the fundamentals still unclear. If right kind of education is provided right from start they are bound to excel. No one is born a stud, this is what I believe.

PS: Why 49.5%, why not 50, 60, 70 . Are we still playing the psychological game!

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Trek to Rajmachi

Weekends are going great for me. Let me just recollect
4th March: Khandala Lonavla trip
11th March: Cricket match
18th March: Rishikesh White water rafting
25th March: Trek to Rajmachi

I never got time to blog down the details of any of these but I dont want to miss this one out. This was planned by my colleagues and I joined them cos I dint want to play cricket that weekend. There were five of us in all. It turned out that we had to leave by 0500 hrs from Dadar, which ofcourse was a painful task for me. We somehow made it to Karjat (2Hrs from from Dadar) by about 0830.

Started the trek immediately after having breakfast. Had a nice lunch at the top of the hill in a small model village. A brilliant experience. Theres nothing much that I want to write about, let the pictures talk for this trek !!

It was a beautiful site form the top. An exhausting trek cos of the sun. One should start real early here. Take a place for the night in any village and then start early in the morning. Luckily our guide was a real stud. He took us top and believe me if it would not have been him we would have definitely come back from half way. I hope the next rek is in monsoon for me !!

The one conclusion that came out the trek: Never go for trekking on a hot sunny day (We consumed 11 litre of water while climbing)

Rating of the trek: Medium (But tough for a sunny condition)

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

First time.. good exp

It's not the first time that many might be thinking of ! It's my first time watching an international match live in a ground. Yes, I am talking of wankhede test ; England Vs India, 5th day. Thanks to a senior of mine, who gave me the passes right at the eleventh hour!!

Nice match for England ofcourse. A spineless chase by India. Despite all these, it was one of my best days; only because I got to see Sachin waving to me from the middle of the pitch. Won't you feel great if Sachin raises the bat to you.

It was fun to watch a match live on ground. All those crowd shouting for India and Sachin. The Mexican wave. I missed being at North Stand.

"Flintoff is a Ba*****"
"Pakistan Chor Hai !! "
"Sutta song "

Thats from guest stand

Panesar dropping the catch "Darne ki kya baat hai, Monty humare sath hai "
There was this guy who was booing Sachin again. He was shut by the rest! Sachin was infact cheered while leaving.

Thats from MCA stand

First experience at MCA pavillion. Not bad!! Felt almost we were on the field. I first went to Guest stand then moved to MCA Pacillion. It was an awesome experience. All those barmy army chics were also there !! And in the same attire as they were being shown in each and every news paper ............

I could write a lot about this day, but guess watching Sachin bat says it all !!!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006


People (including me) say that I am very bad at lyrics. Let me give a shot!!

Abhi abhi .. Hua yakeen ...
Ki aag hai .. Mujhme kahin...
Hui subah.. Main jal gaya..
Suraj ko main .. Nigal gaya ...
Roshniiiii Hey !!!!

Jo gumshudaa... Sa khawaab tha...
Woh mil gaya .. Woh khil gaya..
Woh loha tha.. Peeghal gaya..
Kheecha kheccha .. Machal gaya.. (Doubtful)
Sitar me.. Badal gaya...
RubarooooooRoshniiiii Hey !!!!

Dhuan chata.. Khula gagan mera..
Nayi dagar .. Naya safar mera...
Jo ban sake tu humsafar mera.. Nazar mila zara..
Dhuan chata.. Khula gagan mera..
Nayi dagar .. Naya safar mera...
Jo ban sake tu humsafar mera.. Nazar mila zara..

Aandhiyon se jhagad rahi hai laun meri..
Ab mashalo si bad rahi hai laun meri...
Naamo nishaan rahe na rahe ..
Yeh karvaan rahe na rahe ..
Ujaale main ... Pee gay....
Roshan hua .. Jee gaya..
Kyon sehte rahe ...
RubarooooooRoshniiiii Hey !!!!

Dhuan chata.. Khula gagan mera..
Nayi dagar .. Naya safar mera...
Jo ban sake tu humsafar mera.. Nazar mila zara..
Rubaroooooo Roshniiiii Hey !!!!


Ho gaya.. One shot !!!!!! No pause..

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Back After the SLUMBER !!

Coming back to the blog world after a long long time I am lost as to what I should write about. But after reading abt the decision by Sidin I felt that yes it's an excellent medium to bring out your thoughts. Blogging to me feels as if I am punching a bag to take out my whatever frustration or happiness that I have in my life. But it seems that nothing much has happened to me since I left blogging and nothing of that important nature that I could share with the rest. But yes, I did participate in the Mumbai Marathon which was something great. Though the crowd did not really give me a chance to show my potential (by coming first), but still !!
One thing I have decided for sure that next time I am into a 21Km stretch and probably stand on the podium and collect some medals for display !!

Here are the pics from that !! And important lesson learnt "Sutta doesnot reduces your stamina"